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5 ways to get creative with candles

An array of everyday items are your simple key to creating elegant statement pieces out of your ordinary candles. From tealights to candlesticks, here are five simple ways to help you take any candle from dull to delightful!

1. Spices that you may find in your kitchen pantry are an ideal way to decorate a plain candle, as well as adding an extra scent to create a diverse and layered smell. Carefully glue cinnamon sticks around the outside of a wide vanilla candle for a rich depth of flavour that may just catch some guests by surprise. This could also be a perfect gift, and the combinations are endless, meaning you can mix and match different scents for a varied trio of candles. Citrus fan? Glue dried orange slices around the outside of a candle!

2. Do you have a set of teacups that are out of use? Make use of your old china by creating kitsch candles that would look great in any home. Melt down wax chips and add an essential oil of your choice if you want to fully commit, or you can just simply melt down the remaining wax from leftover candles if you have waste. Pour the mixture into your, holding a wick in the centre, and let it set until solid. 

3. Another fun gift idea, and even easier than the first one! All you need is a plain candle and a letterpress, and with these two items you can create a stylish indent in the side of your wax, or even a fun message if you have multiple letterpress. You can get as personal or playful as you want, stamping down patterns or names to your heart’s content.

4. This next idea is a creative way to bring some life to your candles and can be done in thousands of different ways. Printing candles is a lot easier than it may initially sound, provided you have the correct tools which really are just various household items. Tissue paper is used to print an image, which can be any kind of pattern or just something you enjoy, and the print-out is then glued to the candle, wrapped with wax paper, and blow dried until fully transferred. A more in-depth tutorial can be found here.

5. A hand drawn illustration may just be the ultimate form of personalisation, and much like most of the ideas on this list, it’s also a great gift idea for loved ones, as well as a fun activity to do with your kids on a rainy day. It’s as simple as using paint markers to create delicate artwork that will leave a lasting impression on relatives and friends alike. Decorative materials to add further elements are optional, but they look fantastic. Again, a more in-depth tutorial can be found here.

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