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Hochanda How To: Make your own Floating Candles with Aromaglow

In today's 'Hochanda How To', we're running down the 6 easy steps to creating your own beautiful floating candles.  These would make the perfect Mother's Day gift - don't forget it's just one week away! Aromaglow Floating Candles  Step 1 - Use any glass or pottery container and fill in 3/4 full with cold water. Step 2 -  Add 2 or 3 drops of the Aromaglow colouring liquid to colour the water if you wish. Step 3 -  Pour at least 2cm of vegetable oil into the water. Step 4 - Insert the wicks into the centre of the floats. Step 5 - Place the floats on the oil and allow the oil to completely fill up to grooves until it reaches the wick. Step 6 - Light the wick and enjoy the ambience. Aromaglow Magical Floating Candles and accessories are available from Tune into Hochanda live online , on Freeview channel 39, Sky channel 663 or Freesat  817.

Hanging Decoration Step-by-Step Guide with Creativ Company!

We loved these stunning hanging decorations from Creativ Company so much, so we asked them for a step-by-step guide, so you can create them too! Creativ Company are live on Hochanda this Monday 29th February at 11am, 2pm and 5pm. Tune in for more tips, tricks and inspiration!    These hanging decorations are a shaped piece of card with a cut out/glued-on Vivi Gade Design paper design, attached to a purse frame. A lace border is attached at the bottom, and a long piece of satin ribbon is attached to each side of the purse frame. Step 1 Cut out a design of your choice from the design paper. Step 2 Print and cut out the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Draw the outline of the template onto a piece of plain card and cut it out. A TIP: make the piece of card longer at the bottom depending on the size of the chosen design. Step 3 Cut a piece of patterned design paper the same shape but slightly smaller than the piece of plain ca

Get to know our Guest Host for Imagination Crafts - Sue Baker

1. We love your creations. How did you get into crafts and can you remember the very first thing you made? Like most crafters I always loved making things. When I was little my Grandmother came to live with us, she taught me to knit and sew, I made miniature pictures and pieces for my dolls house. She was a wonderful knitter. She was my ‘crafting inspiration’, for many years and making things was always my sanctuary away from school and a very annoying younger brother! 2. Your shows have been a massive hit with our customers, where do you get all your ideas from? I love seeing how many ways I can use one product, and one of my favourite parts of my job is developing products. To do this, I work with artists from all over the country to ensure that our images are original and inspirational. Together we develop stencils, stamps, papers, paints and mediums that will give other crafters inspiration. Then when I have the samples in front of me, I go out into my studio in the garden

Saturday Blog Candy

Hi folks, Sorry, I almost forgot to do a post on this blog!  I need to get used to this new job :) I promised we would give away some of the incredible artwork produced by Matthew on the painting shows.  Matt has been so generous, and actually given us 4 different pictures to give away!! All you need to do, following in the foot-steps of previous give aways, is to comment on this post. Good luck!! Tune in to Hochanda every day 24/7 for lots of fun and crafty demonstrations! Watch our programmes live > You can also tune into Hochanda on Freeview channel 39, Sky channel 663 or Freesat  817.

The Football Collectables Show With Gary Ashburn

To football supporters, a signed football shirt or ball inked with the signature of their heroes can often feel priceless! Owning a piece of footballing memorabilia is the ultimate way of expressing your love for a club or icon. The bigger or better the club or player, the more elusive the memorabilia! Here at Hochanda, we share your passion for football collectables! On Sunday 21 st February, Gary ‘Gazza’ Ashburn, dubbed ‘ The Collectables Guru’ , will be presenting The Football Collectables show on Hochanda at 6pm and 11pm. Gary will give viewers the chance to get their hands on memorabilia from some of the game’s all time greats! Items up for sale on the show include a multi-signed England shirt, a multi-signed Chelsea shirt, personally signed football boots by Tottenham Hotspur’s local boy Harry Kane and Chelsea’s Diego Costa respectively, and a framed, mounted and multi-signed team photo by Manchester City. Many of these items, plus more from the world of s