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Simple Ways To Improve Your Home

Thinking of giving your home a revamp to kick-start the New Year? There’s no better time than now! With the cold nights well and truly upon us, you might have found yourself snuggled up in your home only to notice the stale paint on the ceiling, or the furniture fraying at the sides. Don’t fear, nothing beats a good old session of DIY. From painting and decorating to cushion making and woodworking, let Hochanda be your one-stop-shop for home improvements this winter!

Paint A Picture

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Touching up interior walls is surely one of the most popular DIY out there, mainly because it can be so effective at transforming your home. A straightforward coat or two of paint can work wonders and is something you can certainly undertake without calling in the expert. Preparation is of course key; don’t lunge for the walls with a roller without ensuring the walls are well plastered and everything is well covered. Once the paint dries and you’re left with nice, fresh walls, add a touch of class with beautiful framing or perhaps a decorative clock. Head to the painting and decorating section of our website to find out more.

Cushion Yourself

Find materials and fabrics for cushion making at Hochanda

Giving your living room a makeover needn’t cost the Earth. There are many little things you can do to really spruce up your indoors without spending a lot of money. For example, crafting your own cushion covers is quick, easy and can really brighten up your home. All you need is some fabric (the more colourful, the better!), a cushion pad, pins and scissors; why not check out our needle craft section on our website for some inspiration? If cushion making doesn’t take your fancy, how about flower arranging? You don’t need to be a florist to create a beautiful decoration, just keep it simple and elegant to fit your home. If you’re feeling really adventurous, light up the room by coupling the flowers with candles.

Power Up

Find Power Tools for Home DIY projects at Hochanda

When it comes to the larger projects around the home, planning is essential. Try to avoid approaching a project head-on without a plan. One important thing to consider is the tools you intend to use. Manual tools might be more intricate for the delicate jobs such as light-fitting, but power tools are considerably more efficient and less physically demanding when attempting a major renovation project. Power tools are more accurate and can save a lot of frustration if you need to bore a hole, cut metal or even hammer nails safely. What’s more, many power tools are indeed cordless, so they can be used wherever you want without having to worry about a power supply. If we’ve convinced you of the need to power up when it comes to DIY, visit our Power Tools section on our website.

Take It Outside

Find Gardening and Outdoors products at Hochanda

Of course, DIY isn’t just confined to the four walls of your home; don’t forget your garden and outdoor property! Yes, we may be in the depths of Winter, but Spring is just around the corner and so it you need to act now if you want a beautiful garden for the brighter months. Gardening is a great way to relieve stress and can really add gloss to a beautiful home. From plants and lighting to pruners, Hochanda can help you create your own personal Kew.

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Materials needed: 
• 2 pieces of patterned fabric measuring 19” x 25” 
• 2 pieces of lining fabric measuring 19” x 25” 
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How to Make a Glittery Star Using the Vivi Gade Paper Star Strips

We're thrilled to welcome Lotte Littau, the co-founder and co-owner of Creativ Company to Hochanda this week. She's travelled all the way from Denmark to bring you incredible shows across three days, showcasing the Christmas paper range from Creativ Company. Lotte will be bringing you lots of demonstrations throughout her shows on how you can use all of these beautiful papers to create a Scandi Christmas this year. Here's just one of the projects Lotte will be showing this week... 

Step 1.
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Step 2.
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