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A Fantastic Weekend For Our First Ever Live Roadshow at Create It!

Our first ever live roadshow at Create It, Kent Event Centre was a huge success! On behalf of all our team members at Create It- from producers, buyers, to TV operations and TV presenters, we had a great time.

All team members did a fantastic job of ensuring everything was prepared and ready for everyone who attended the show, to have an enjoyable, interactive experience from the very entrance. We can't keep it to ourselves just how amazing the two day craft show was, so even if you did miss out this time you'll still feel apart of it with what were are about to show you!

From 9am both Saturday and Sunday, the show was ready to open it's doors to all ticket holders. With large space to walk about freely, craft lovers had the chance to glance around their favourite craft stalls, sign up to Make and Take's to attend later on in the day and grab a cake and coffee ready for our first show of the event to begin.

By 12 midday, the showground was packed with excited faces all around, eagerly hoping to see our lovely TV presenters Leonie Pujol, Hayley West and Dave Bradford. 
Our Hochanda Pink and blue thrones were not one to miss though. Every passer by couldn't resist but have a photo taken lounging on the chair. Even our Hochanda Mascot in Pink-  Matt Wright (Head of Trading).

We promised and we delivered! Leonie lead 4 sessions of the Make and Take's throughout the course of the two day event. It proved successful as spaces were all booked up and attendee's left feeling inspired.

 Competition, competition, competition! The Garden of England Competition was among the activities to indulge in at Create It, and entries were blooming. After careful consideration, winners were selected by both Create It and Hochanda team members. While crafter's choice winners', were selected through a ballot by those who attended. Full of so much creativity, aren't they all lovely?

We'll save the best to last... Introducing our youngest Crafter!

There you go, we hope you've been able to live the fantastic day through some of our photos. But don't take our word for it, have a read for yourself. Here's what some of the people who came along had to say:

"Yes we loved the show and we 29 ladies would like to thank hochanda for bringing the show to the south. Many of us spent two days at the show but when we cum north it's difficult as many of us are disabled and travel on trains is not helpful on some net works hotels are hard to find during the busy season that would be practical for us . So thank you all for making our weekend great and getting to meet some of our favourite demonstrators was fab." 

"I would like to congratulate all of you and the suppliers for such a brilliant craft experience at Detling Maidstone Kent this weekend.I hope to see Hochanda at this venue again very soon Many thanks for a enjoyable two day show "

"We had a wonderful day and met some wonderful crafters."

"Fave day, amazing fun"

It was a great s how with loads of exhibitors but plenty of space. The refreshments area was similarly spacious and the food and drink was reasonably priced too. All in all a lovely day out and a lot of purchases to play with at home."

"Brilliant day, lots to do and buy."

"I just wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful show at the Kent County show Ground this weekend.  It was a wonderful show and even more so as it was only 1/2 an hour away which makes a lovely change.  Fingers crossed it can become and annual event.  WELL DONE TO EVERYONE INVOLVED."

With Create It- Telford just around the corner, tickets are selling by the hour. We cannot wait to see you all of you at our next event on the 17th and 18th June. So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now!

You can choose from: 
 1 Day Event
2 Day Event
VIP ( 2 DAY Event with VIP space)

Did you attend Create It- Kent? Why not comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts!


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