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DaliART joins the Hochanda Family!

We’re super excited that Dali Graham is bringing the vibrant DaliART brand to the Hochanda family! Make sure you don’t miss Dali’s shows this Monday night at 8pm and again on Tuesday at 9am, 12pm, 4pm & 7pm! 

Dali Graham, the owner of DaliART is enthusiastic and passionate about all things crafting; making DaliART a brand for all levels of crafters. With an aim to bring unique high quality products to the crafting market place at a great price, Dali joins us with an incredible One Day Special that you will not want to miss!

“Having crafted for a number of years I have launched my own range "East meets West" taking inspiration from Indian colours textures and designs.”  

Showcasing her beautiful range of stamps, stencils, dies and mediums you can expect to see memorising demonstrations inspired by the colours, textures and designs of India. Dali recently collaborated with Pentart, a specialist in mixed media products from wax paste, express transfer medium, paints, and even 3D effects which you’ll be able to see LIVE throughout her shows!

“I will be joining the Hochanda family to share with you lots of techniques using stamps, stencils, dies and lots of mixed media projects. Hoping you will craft alongside me and find some inspiration from the shows.”

Here is a sneaky peek of just some of the inspirational demonstrations to come during her shows;

Don't miss Dali’s amazing DaliART which launch on Monday 5th September at 8pm and on Tuesday 6th September at 9am, 12pm, 4pm & 7pm as she shows you all of the incredible tips, trick and techniques using her products!

You can watch Hochanda live online, Sky channel 663, Freeview 39 (6am - 9pm) or Freesat 817.


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Debbie Shore's Threaders Project 4: Japanese Knot Bag

This stunning bag is actually very simple to make, and can be made as large or as small as you like! Try making it up in different fabrics, denim, faux leather or even silk, which would look lovely when embroidered as an evening bag! Use a 1.4” seam allowance.

Materials needed: 
• 2 pieces of patterned fabric measuring 19” x 25” 
• 2 pieces of lining fabric measuring 19” x 25” 
• 2 pieces of fusible fleece measuring the same

1: Cut a curve around the bottom edge of each piece of fabric and fleece.

2. Turn one of the patterned pieces to the wrong side and draw a line each side, from the top, 4” from the side and 12” from the top. Using a 12” circle template, join the lines to make a curve.

3. With the patterned fabrics right sides together, cut around the curved line. You’ll see two handles forming. Measure 8” from the top of one of the handles and cut across.

4. Measure 10” from the bottom of each section on the bag and make a mark on either side.

5. Sew the two outer and two lining section…

Debbie Shore’s Threaders Project 2: Currant Bun

This delightful rabbit in her pretty pink pinny is showing how much she loves you! She has long bendy ears and her arms and legs are jointed with buttons. She stands 28" tall. use a 1/4" seam allowance.

Materials needed:

Download the pattern this link50cm x 114cm plain fabric50cm x 114cm patterned fabric2m of 1/2" wide ribbonBlack embroidery thread2 small black buttons for the eyes4 x 2cm buttons for the joints2 buttons to decorate the heartA long needle and strong thread20cm of 0.5cm wide elastic250g of toy filler2 chenille sticksErasable ink penBlusher

1. Download the pattern here. Cut out the ear pieces and place the chenille sticks to the centre of the wrong side of the patterned fabric. Zig zag stitch in place.

2. Sew the plain ear fabric to the patterned, right sides together, leaving the bottom open. Turn the right way out and press, then edge stitch around the ear.

3. Sew four pieces of 15cm x 12cm of patterned fabric to four pieces of 15cm x 23cm of plain fabric.


How to Make a Glittery Star Using the Vivi Gade Paper Star Strips

We're thrilled to welcome Lotte Littau, the co-founder and co-owner of Creativ Company to Hochanda this week. She's travelled all the way from Denmark to bring you incredible shows across three days, showcasing the Christmas paper range from Creativ Company. Lotte will be bringing you lots of demonstrations throughout her shows on how you can use all of these beautiful papers to create a Scandi Christmas this year. Here's just one of the projects Lotte will be showing this week... 

Step 1.
Half two 2.5cm wide paper star strips. Now only use three of the four paper star strips.

Step 2.
Double over each of the three paper star strips and cut all the ends at an angle. Put a star strip around another star strip and fold it tightly three times around this star strip. This is illustrated in the picture. Repeat this process with the other two star strips.

Step 3.
Assemble the three paper star strips over and under each other, forming three double legs with a triangle in the middle.